Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First week=conquered!!!

Welp, so far so good. Thanks for the emails, the "Dear Elders", and the shampoo (mom!) Basically, you're all the best and I feel so lucky! :) P-day in the Empty Sea (as called by Breanna) is Tuesday (obviously)... I only get 30 minutes to email so if those of you who have time to write can send it through "Dear Elder" I'll have more time to enjoy it. :) Still loved the emails though! Made me crack up!
To sum up the week in a word, amazing. I don't even know where or how to start on my week. I have just loved classes and I loved Sunday, and I love the gospel, and I love that I'm a missionary etc etc etc...  It's great. :) I honestly don't think I've ever been more happy in my life! Gym is probably my favorite honestly... hopefully that doesn't make me a bad missionary.. haha I love learning, but there is something about sitting for 12 hours (or whatever) that really makes you appreciate running... :) 
Did you get my letter? I sent one snail mail way and hope you got it!
So Dad mentioned something about an Elder Bradshaw from St. George?! He's in my district!!! How do you know him dad?? I told him that my dad mentioned him in a letter and he was trying to figure out how dad knows him? haha small world I guess. Elder Bradshaw also did Speech and Debate in high school and he want's to spar at some point so we'll see.. haha
I really appreciate the prayers on my behalf. I feel so blessed to be able to keep up with the work and not feel overwhelmed or stressed. I'm just happy to be here. :) I also have felt really blessed to not be tired or low on energy! I was able to quickly adapt to "missionary schedule". I have been so blessed in so many ways, and I know it has a lot to do with your prayers on my behalf so thank you. I know I've been being watched out for.
So mom asked about my companion! She's great! She's Sister Grayson from Blackfoot Idaho! She is 21 and decided to go on a mission last July. She's also going to Alaska. Three of the four sisters in my district are going to Alaska and the fourth is going to Alabama. Elder Bradshaw is one of two missionaries going to Alaska as well and the other Elders in my district are going to Alabama with the other sister. She (Sister Grayson) was studying Art at BYU-I and she is super talented! She is a little bit more reserved than me so it makes up the difference for my yellow personality.. haha :)
My district is amazing!!! I can't get over how blessed I feel to know such great Elders. My zone is great too! All 15 missionaries that are flying out with my on the 11th are in my Zone and I think I've had the chance to meet all of them. If you didn't get my last letter, Elder Cluff is also in my Zone so that was cool to see him! He is flying out tomorrow though, so I won't see him at any Zone meetings after today, but it's been fun to see him over the past week. Also, fun fact for Alyssa, there are some Elders in my zone going to the Washington D.C. North mission! 
Also about Jaelyn Gillet, she lives next door to me! (crazy huh?) We brush our teeth together almost every evening and catch up on life. :)
I really have to take my hat off to Mark and Kirk for staying at the MTC for as long as they did! I've loved it and it has been great, but I can't wait to get out and actually start teaching. Next to gym time (I'm telling you, it's the best!) I think that's been my favorite thing about the MTC is teaching and applying what we learn in class. Can't wait to teach people in Alaska though!!!  
Mom asked about the snow. We got blessed greatly with beautiful snow Sunday. :) So far I've only broken three toes and my right elbow so I'm doing pretty well. (just kidding mom..) But yes, the snow's been great! Just wish I could be outside more to appreciate it. :) Glad to have my warm boots and hats and scarfs to keep me warm. :)
Thanks again for the love and support! Sorry my thoughts are scattered! Know I'm seriously doing so good and I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Don't forget to read your scriptures! :)
Time is running out! I love you! 
Love ya lots!
Sister Hedelius
P.s. I can't upload pictures yet, but I'll probably send some after I get in Alaska. I've just taken some of my MTC district but you'll see them all eventually.. promise. :)

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