Monday, June 10, 2013

Juneau! What am I doing in Juneau!

Garbage can that has seen many missionaries

Hi family!

First-happy 16th to the little man!!!
And.. yep, I'm here in Juneau again! We got our transfer calls Saturday and... I'm staying in Sitka but Sister Claspell is heading to Anchorage to be a Sister Training Leader with Sister Burbank. :( I was pretty sad I only got to be with Sister Claspell for one transfer especially because we got along so well, but she'll be amazing in Anchorage and those people are blessed to have her there! My new companion will be Sister Frazier and she went to... Snow College! I was in Sister Frazier's zone when I was in Anchorage so I already know her pretty well. She from Mapleton and she'll be a great companion too. I went on a 24 hour exchange with her once and we had a blast. She's very much a go-getter which is exactly what Sitka needs right now, so I'm excited. :)

But I'm here in Juneau until Thursday morning (bright and oily!) when we ferry back to the great Baranoff Island that Sitka is on! Sister Claspell and I ferried in last night, and Sister Claspell hopped on the plane to Anchorage this morning so I'll be in a trio (with Sister Peterson and Sister Fapula) for the next couple days until Sister Frazier flies in. :) So THAT'S what I'm doing in Juneau. :)

We had a great last week together though! We taught Thomas Monday night and that was good! He shared an experience with us about when he was out goat hunting and got separated from his hunting partner and so he prayed and he felt the spirit so strongly that everything was going to be okay. It was still five hours later that he found his hunting partner.. but he knew it was an answer to his prayers, so that was great!!

We also had dinner with a family that just joined the church within the last week on Monday! They are the Fritz family and are working on going to the temple together!!! Sister Fritz is a sweetheart and she sews wallets so she's going to teach us how to sew wallets over the next few p-days! 

Raven that hopped on the car
Also, I need to start brushing up on the little bit of spanish I know, because twice in the last week we have met people who speak primarily spanish! We've got a spanish missionary dictionary and Book of Mormon so we'll see what we can do. Hopefully Sister Frazier is up for the challenge of learning as much as we can... haha.. ahhh!!! 

So that's the happening in Sitka! I love it and it is still as gorgeous as ever. :) Thanks for the love, support, and prayers! It means a lot!

Love you all!
Hand sized slug in Sitka
Sister Hedelius 

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