Monday, June 24, 2013

Update on ya'lls favorite missionary ;)


Sounds like things are great in the lower 48! (I rhymed.. ;) ) It was another INCREDIBLE week!!! The Lord is showering down His blessings on this great city and it's such a privileged to be part of!   Breanna asked what time the sun comes up.. well Breanna, I'm not quite sure because I'm always asleep when it comes up. ;) But from what I've heard from locals is it's up around 2:30 am. "Who wakes first in the morning" has taken on a whole new meaning. ;) haha but we have good blinds so it usually doesn't really wake me up until around 4:00 and then I can fall right back asleep! Also, yes, Alaska has watermelon, although none of the produce here is nearly as good as the produce down south! But every once in a while you'll get some good stuff! A member gave us a really good apple yesterday for example. ;) But.. Don't feel too bad for me because I had fish three times this week ;P

First off, wasn't that worldwide missionary broadcast AMAZING?!? I personally loved it a lot and had some great insights!!! Loved the comment Elder Nelson made about how the best way to invite people is through the invitation of love. We invite people to the gospel because we love them and know the gospel will make them happier than anything else, not to mention it is the only way to return to live with Heavenly Father again! They changed the church schedule so we had sacrament meeting for just a half hour before the meeting and then everyone watched the broadcast! 

Monday we had a lesson with T again! His faith is continuing to grow so much and he is really progressing great!!! We also had dinner with the F family, have I mentioned them?? They are such an incredible family that are progressing towards being sealed in the temple! 
Tuesday we saw S again!! He is doing really good. At first I think he just saw us as history teachers, but we've seen him change as we have continued to meet with him and he's more open to the principles of the gospel we've been sharing with him. :) Unfortunately, he actually doesn't live here, he lives up in Anchorage! So we'll be passing him off to the missionaries up in that area after he leaves town this week. So grateful to have met him though! 
ALSO we met a new investigator, P, on Tuesday! P was doing some flooring for a member in the ward, and the member brought up the fact that he was LDS and invited him to talk to us, so we went over and saw him and gave him a Book of Mormon! He mentioned how he has just recently quit smoking and drinking this month and how he's really been trying to make changes in his life. We saw him again Friday and brought a lady from the ward, Sister C, to bear her testimony! The lesson was incredible and we invited him to be baptized in July! He said yes! :) P is a single father with a 17 month baby girl, it's easy to tell he really cares about his little girl and wants to do everything he can for her. P texted us Saturday and asked if we had left cookies on his door, because he found cookies and a note saying he was a great dad.. it wasn't us but... It was Sister C!! Isn't she great?! 
Speaking of Sister C, we'll be having dinner with her tonight and she told us she's invited a family over to have dinner too! She's a really great missionary. This is the third time we've had dinner with her and every time she's invited a nonmember over to meet us! She is the greatest example of exact obedience in the whole world I've ever seen.
We've been working a lot with the Young Women in the ward so we went to Young Womens on Wednesday and did nails! Sariah taught us how to do our nails super cool tie-die looking. Right before we did nails, we shared a message on how much Heavenly Father loves the young women and how they're such a strength the to church! Then during us doing nails a random lady from Colorado came to look at the building because she was here on vacation, and she testified of the same thing!! Don't you love the spirit? ;) This week we're making yummy waffles by Sister Z!
Thursday we were visiting L J (the girl from Emery County) and her nonmember boyfriend, J, was there! We just shared a short thought on Enduring to the End and he loved it. He wanted to know more so we taught him again last night! He had some great questions and wants to see us "soon" so we'll be seeing him again tomorrow. :) The spirit was really strong when we were talking about Faith in Jesus Christ yesterday and the importance of his atonement in our life, J definitely wants to be good and come closer to Christ. It's been really great to meet with him. :)
So it's great to be a missionary! In the words of Elder Russell M. Nelson "I cannot speak of the Restoration in tempered tones. This fact of history is absolutely sunning! It is incredible! It is breathtaking! How amazing is it that messengers from heaven came to give authority and power to this work?"
And I know it's true too! Have a great week! And keep being great. :) Love you all lots and lots!
w/ Sister Frazier in Juneau

Sister Hedelius


My awesome companion and me!


Beautiful Sitka!

Today in front of the church.

What training meetings look like for missionaries on the islands.

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