Monday, June 16, 2014

Food to die for


Since you all are braggin about the great fruit of the lower 48 I have to tell you about my meal last night! Talk about Alaska King Crab! During dinner they were all talking about how dangerous of an occupation crabbing is, they even made a show about it "Deadliest Catch" if you've heard of it? Crab are often in the more dangerous water so that's what makes it so risky. That meal was probably the best one of my mission so I guess if I can't have the fresh yummy fruit, I'll take the fresh seafood. :) the meat in those crab legs were the width of hot dogs!

Also this week we were dropping by something at the O'Neil's home (he's in the bishopric) and they offered us some salmon chowder. The salmon in the chowder was Copper River Salmon and you about have to kill yourself to get those fish. The fishermen tie themselves down so when they're standing in the water they won't be taken with the current because it's so swift, but it's the best salmon and I was not disappointed! It was incredible. We've been really spoiled with our seafood here..I'm afraid I'm becoming a seafood snob.. haha Nothing in the lower 48 will satisfy anymore! However, all this talk of amazing seafood does not excuse you all from having a watermelon sitting on the counter on August 6th.

I believe it was dad that was curious about how we're sleeping with the sun. Well at first we were lazy and just tacked a blanket over the window, but that still wasn't keeping the light out enough, so we put foil on the windows again and since we live in kind of a junky apartment and don't have a door for our bedroom, we hung a blanket over our door so the light from the others room wouldn't come in. It's funny how you'd think the light would make it easier to wake up, but it's actually been easier now that the room is dark because I feel like I'm getting better quality sleep and I'm not as tired anymore! Sister Dotson and I are also waking up a little early so we can go on a longer run which I'm sure is helping us sleep even better too!

Baptism is still on for Saturday (it's THIS Saturday as in the 21st!) and she is so ready! When we went through the interview questions some of her answers just blew me away. She retained everything we taught her andhere some of the analogies she used just amazed me. She is so solid and I can't wait to keep in touch and hear how her journey continues to go! She has gone through so many trials these past few weeks including all of her friends and everyone she considers family unadding her as a friend of Facebook and completely turning their back on her, and yet her answer always is, "I've seen what I saw, and I felt what I felt, and I can't turn back on that." Her response when they thought she was crazy was to invite them to church! It just reminds me of the Lamanties that the sons of Mosiah taught, some had soft hearts, and others had hard hearts, Windy has just an amazing heart.

"J" came again to church this week! It's a reminder that every investigator has their own pace. Some people are like "W" and are just a sponge, and others take each step slowly, but what matters is he is taking those steps. We also had a lesson with him and it was probably the most spiritual lesson we've had with him so far! Sometimes those lessons can get really off topic, but we managed to stay pretty focused and the spirit was definitely there.

"T" is just on fire. She's amazing and will probably the next baptism. If we don't text her every day then she's texting us! She is very seriously considering baptism, and the biggest thing holding her back right now is her less active husband. She just doesn't want the church to come between their marriage. That's got to be about the toughest concern to resolve.. but she and her son Cody were at church again this week! It's been fun to see the Gospel Principle's class grow and grow and grow from hardly needing a class to it being so full!!

We've finally got back in contact with "C" also this week! It's been so good to see her. We left her with the Testaments to watch and she was sick later in the week and planning on watching it while she was sick. "C" also has a daughter that lives just a couple houses down from us and has some handicaps but everytime we see her she says, "My sisters!" and gives us a big hug! So that is so good we've finally been able to get back in contact with her! And her bird Curious is still as chatty as ever. :) Luckily we haven't heard any swear words from him lately.. let's hope that doesn't change. ;)

Thanks so much for the emails and love! Transfer calls come this Friday, so keep President and Sister Beesley in your prayers that they'll be inspired to feel like I need to stay another transfer! ;) haha I'm banking on it!

Love you guys!
Sister Hedelius

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