Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy bird and half-bird days!

Hi family!

First off, shout out to the little people that will be turning 17 and 14 and 1/2 tomorrow! Can't believe you both are so old.. The other day I almost told someone I was 19 only to realize I turn 21 next month, I think my brain just hasn't had a good concept time since January 2013.. haha

It's been a crazy week!! Crazy as in awesome miracles week! The "E"s came to church yesterday and loved it! Although they were planning on going every other week, "T" talked to me after church and said she wanted to come again next week but wanted to talk to her boys and see what they wanted to do first. One of the member families went to go visit them yesterday after church, and the members reported back to us that they are planning on coming again next week! Yay! Another cool story about them is that "T" is friends with a less-active member that hasn't come to church for a long long time.. Toni told her she had to come with her this Sunday and she came! So basically "T" is already fellowshipping the less-actives and she isn't even a member yet.. haha!

"W" also was at church and out of no prompting from us she invited "T" to her baptism next weekend! Windy is so excited for her baptism and when it was announced in Relief Society she was grinning from ear to ear!! She also is now moving in town to the basement apartment of one of the members! It will be perfect and right across the street from her fellowshipper's house!

"J" was at church too! He gave some great insights in gospel principles!!! He let us know he wants to meet with us this week and gave us a couple times to work so it will be good to see him since we didn't get a chance to meet up this past week!

We've been doing lots of service this week! We helped the Es a lot, also a family in our ward (the Bazcuks) are awesome missionaries and set up a time for us to clean a family's house that they've been working with! They took us out to breakfast before and oh my word.. so much food! Haha I don't think I even ate lunch because I was still full!

Lots of good things happening here! I love it!! I'm banking on staying next transfer hence Valdez will be my resting spot! Two more weeks left in this transfer though! We'll get the call on the 20th! "The time is far spent, there is little remaining.."

Love you all!

Sister Hedelius

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