Monday, May 20, 2013

Back in Sitka... it's good to be home. :)


First of all-it was sooo good to see ya'll on Monday!!! Thanks for coordinating so I could see you, that meant a lot to me! You can always count on Jacob for being the funny guy too, that was no surprise.. ;) haha 

SOO- Zone Conference was so amazing! I got some great insights on my role as a missionary and the huge blessing and responsibility it is! Cool story- Elder Zwick's construction company was the one who worked on the Manti Temple back in the 80s! I didn't know before, but apparently the trusses between the two towers were full of rotten wood and so they had to fix the roof from inside the temple in the priesthood room to preserve the building from collapsing! They worked all through the night, and 24/7 to fix it and make sure the whole temple didn't collapse. Gave me a greater appreciation for the beautiful building it is, as well as an insight on our own lives-everything may seem okay on the outside, but if we have "rotten wood"-past sins etc. buried inside us, we need to fix that so we can be solid and strong! 

Wednesday we hiked up to the glacier in Juneau as a zone! That was a blast!! It was such a blessing I had my trusty BOGGS or I would've died.. it was super wet! But that was fun. :) 

Thursday we came back on the Ferry and we were sooo busy from Thursday through Sunday, being busy as a missionary is such a blessing! :)  

We volunteered to help a lady we tracted into on Saturday! They were having a fundraiser for the preschool she's a teacher at! It was tons of fun and she was soo grateful! We gave her a Book of Mormon when we met her tracting and she wants to talk to us about it so--yay! 

Mom asked about the weather, it's been pretty good! Today is actually really sunshiny but it's been mostly rainy since we've been here! It's great! I like don't ever have to dry my hair because there is no point! ha haha ha ;) 

Well life here in Sitka is dandy! Love it! Love being a missionary! Love ya'll!
Sister Hedelius

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