Monday, May 13, 2013

Raise your hand if a bear licked your finger this week!

Hey all! 

Sitka is great! I'm loving the work.. it's certainly different and it's certainly work... but it's good and I like it. Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the whole world! Being able to do missionary work in such a beautiful place is an ever greater blessing. ;)  

So we do service at a place called Fortress of the Bear as well as the Raptor Center. At the bear place we help unload food for the animals that have been donated and at the raptor center we pick up the dead mice thing that the eagles spit out! When we were volunteering at the bear place the guy in charge let us feed the bears through the fence and the bear licked me! AHHH so cool. :) So service is certainly different!! :) 

We found a lady while we were out tracting! It was really neat! She was on the phone and so at first we thought she was just blowing us off but she handed the phone to someone else and invited us right in! She wanted a Book of Mormon and had a lot of great things to say about the members she knows so we're thinking there's some great potential there!!!  

I was a little bummed I didn't get to chat to ya'll yesterday but I'm excited to talk to you in a few minutes!!! The ferry ride was really neat! Saw lots of trees, some beautiful mountains and.. wait for it... a whale!! Yep. Well, it was just the tail, but it was still pretty neat!! Also, there is a guy that we met at the DMV when I was getting my Alaskan licence (I'm officially an Alaskan now...) and we talked at the DMV, and then he was on the ferry with us to Juneau! He wanted to talk to us and we gave him our number so we could meet up with him sometime!!! He did a medical mission to Africa so he was really interested in our work... how exciting huh?? :) 

Well I'll see you all in a few minutes. :) Love from Juneau! 


Sister Hedelius

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