Monday, May 27, 2013

Why did the Lamanites all get knee replacements?

Feeding the bears.
Because there were too many Nephities!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Hey everyone!!!

It's been a great week!!! The Sister Training Leaders from Anchorage (Sister Burbank-Bishop Sorensen's niece, and Sister Ashbrook) came down and went on exchanges this week and we were able to get so much done!!! Sister Claspell and I were talking about it and if the work continues at this pace there might be a need for four missionaries here in Sitka which is a MIRACLE considering how slow it has been in the past!! This area is certainly seeing some miracles and it's great to be a part of this work!!! There have been lots of less active families who have had their hearts softened as we've visited them and they've been receptive to the gospel again-I know I say it a lot but I can't say it enough- I love Sitka!!

Funny story this week, Sister Ashbrook and I were walking one of the days and we passed this lady and started talking to her. She asked where we were from and Sister Ashbrook and I mentioned we were from California and Utah and she said, "oh that makes sense, you're both dressed like girls from the lower 48".. both of us had gotten pretty much all of our clothes we were wearing that day from Alaska! hahahaha but apparently I'm still Utahn enough that I look like I'm from the lower 48 still.. give me a few more months though.. ;) hahaha :)

Everyone in Sitka has colored hair! Okay, maybe not EVERYONE.. but a lot of people! In the same day TWO different people mentioned how much they liked coming to "the mormon church" because people don't judge them for their pink hair and tattoos. That made me happy that the ward here is so loving and it was still just kind of funny.. Love this place. :)

Well thanks so much for the love and support! Enjoy the sunshine and summer weather!!
Love ya!
Sister Hedelius
Sisters on Sisters Lane! :)

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