Monday, August 19, 2013

Can you hear the water running?

Hi :)

Man, so this week is the opposite of last week-I don't know even were to begin! It's been the most incredible week ever and I hope I can share a small fraction of all the incredible experiences of the week!!! :)

So we are teaching three new people this week, all super solid and wanting to learn and be better!

1. We started teaching "N" on Wednesday! Before we got started I asked her if she had any questions. Her question was what it took to be baptized and what the fastest that she could get baptized! WHAT! She is incredible and very smart, she has the most incredible questions and I have learned so much from teaching her. She and her husband (her husband is a member) actually graduated the same year as me so it's been fun teaching them since we're very similar in a lot of ways, and seeing her make the connections to truths she already knows has been incredible. So she is getting baptized next Friday (the 30th)! Pretty neat yesterday we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when we were talking about Enduring to the End, we brought up the temple and she told us that it was the temple that made her decide she wanted to be baptized, couldn't ask for a more perfect perspective. The temple is the goal and baptism is the gate to get there! She gets it! :) Apparently getting married in a castle and living happily ever after sounded like a good deal. ;)

2. "C" was being taught by some elders in a different ward because he had a friend in that ward. He noticed that there was something different about his friend and the friend told him that it was because of the church, and invited him to go! He is such a self motivated person, he feels the difference reading the Book of Mormon make and praying. He came to church at our ward for the first time and he mentioned how much he loved it! So glad! He's making some major changes in his life and even in the short time I've known him, it's very apparent that the gospel has already been blessing his life!

3. "D" was a media referral that we met on Tuesday! I felt an immediate connection to her because of her name, and she was so excited when we came by, she invited us right in. She already had a Book of Mormon and was telling us about how much she enjoys studying it. She also had a picture of the first vision and it was framed and sitting on her table! We taught her the restoration and we asked her what it meant to her and her comment was, "I feel like this means that Heavenly Father  is giving us one last chance before the Savior comes," pretty neat! Loved that she made the connection! Excited to continue meeting with her.

Elder Bednar came to Alaska this weekend too and we had a meeting with the missionaries and him on Saturday morning. There were also two member of the seventy and a member of the presiding bishopric. I don't know how else to describe it than, it was an experience. It was amazing to see him teaching exactly how I know the Savior would. I was asked to accompany a musical number too so that was pretty special. We were able to just take a hymn out of the hymnbook and arrange it, I felt like it went well and really brought the spirit. We had the opportunity to ask Elder Bednar questions and so I took the opportunity, in his response he gave me a specific assignment with permission to write him and tell him what I learned! Pretty cool, for sure taking that opportunity!

Glad to hear things are going so well for everyone!! Thanks for keeping in touch, your emails always brighten my day and keep me going!


Sister Hedelius

P.s. I have a short leg.

P.s.s. My district leader had a cool New Era article written about him you all might enjoy! It's worth looking for in my opinion, his name is Elder Nathan Free.

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