Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy August!

Hey all!

Thanks always for the emails this week! It's fun to hear how things are going down south and I appreciate your encouragement!!

So it's been a good week! Unfortunately Sister Platero has been sick so we didn't get to work very much on Saturday, but I was able to clean the apartment which was much needed!!!

I just love this ward so much! We are so blessed that there is a lady (Sister Mahi) who washes our clothes and has us over for dinner every Monday! Isn't she so sweet? She's a Hawaiian lady and has such a big heart. Also we have an incredible ward mission leader. He and his wife came out with us yesterday and we were able to teach a guy named (name withheld-I)! (name withheld-I)  has been investigating for a while, and his kids and wife are baptized but he hasn't made that step yet. We're not exactly sure why yet, but he's got a great heart and it was good to get to know him.

Apparently this was hang-out-with-the-missionaries-on-your-birthday week! Haha we were invited over three times by different people and then we found out it was their birthday!!! Made me feel like my birthday kept lasting all week!

Fun news for the week is.. it's Zone Conference!! This transfer we're doing a trek for Zone Conference and talking about modern day pioneers. :) It should be really fun! Each district gets a handcart, and it will be extra fun because Sister Claspell and Peterson are in my district! (it's been kind of weird having another set of sisters in the district!) But I'm excited! Also having exchanges this week so this week is full of all sorts of excitement!

Well hope you all have a great week. :) Thanks so much for all you do!


Sister Hedelius

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