Monday, August 12, 2013

Polor Bears in Anchorage?!

Hi family!!

So I went to the zoo this morning! That was pretty fun!!! Unfortunately no pictures will be coming from that fun-my camera of six years has ran her last course (may she R.I.P.) but no worries-Sister Platero got some on her camera that I should be able to copy over at some point in the next few weeks! I'll have to figure out the camera situation at some point, but in the meantime-sit tight! (And yes-there was a polar bear that I was pretty excited about XD)

Missionary work has been booming in the Turnagain ward!! Unfortunately I don't have any super awesome stories or news to report YET-but we have a few lessons set up this week that should be incredible and some pretty golden referrals from some of the ward members that sound like they have some great potential!!! The elders in a few wards over have been teaching a guy that lives in our ward boundaries named Corbin that sounds pretty great and they'll be handing him over to us tonight! :) Brother Rigg has already been fellowshipping him so the handoff should be great and more news will be coming. :)

Zone Conference was a blast! Talk about a full-body workout!!! At one point they had the "mormon battalion" march off which consisted of a good majority of the elders and all the elders of our district, made me especially grateful to have four sisters in our district! Most of it was pulling handcarts through sand which is a little more difficult than the grass on the temple hill.. haha but I was a lot of fun and the spirit was strong. :)

We also went on exchanges on Tuesday! It was fun to be back with Sister Claspell and to catch up on the past few weeks! :)

Well-I guess I'm signing off! Know that I'm happy and I love being a missionary!!! Hope you all are doing great!

Love you lots!


Sister Hedelius

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