Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy 9/9 everyone!


Someone poisoned the waterhole?! Oh no! I do hope you all get "cleared" to start drinking water again! And in case you're wondering, yes. Alaskan water is delicious. haha :)

Things are still going great! We had Stake Conference  yesterday which was awesome! It was a broadcast out of SLC for Washington and Alaskan saints! Elder Hales and Elder Perry both spoke at it! Also, "N" was telling us that she invited a friend to it so that's pretty cool! We'll be going over there this afternoon, she's teaching us how to do our nails cool (since her's always look cool!) and we'll have to see if she was able to come! But she's doing great! We were talking about going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and she's wanting to find names to take!

"J" is scheduled to be baptized on the 27th! Hopefully everything "legally" will work out. She's a foster daughter so we'll need consent in writing for her to be baptized since she's a minor, but she's on fire (spiritually, not literally) ! We did a little review on the Plan of Salvation before we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ yesterday and she remember almost every detail!

We were able to stop by and see "J2"again, we shared some of our favorite Book of Mormon scriptures with her and she liked them! Hopefully she'll continue warming up to reading it!

"S" is still doing great! She would get baptized tomorrow if she could, her dad is just a little apprehensive. Her dad got baptized previously but not confirmed because he felt like he was doing it for the wrong reason. But he's fine with us coming over and invited us over for dinner this weekend! Hopefully things will work out so she can take this step soon!

We didn't get to meet with "P" this week :( she's been working two jobs and is really busy! But we texted her yesterday and she said that she'll only be working one now so she's a lot more open! Miracle! We'll be hopefully seeing her tomorrow!!

We saw "C" a couple times this week and met one of his dogs! He's doing okay.. hopefully he's not losing hope :( but I know he can do it. Relying on the Savior and Heavenly Father is key! They are much stronger than we are by ourselves.

The weather has been so nice! It's been in the 50s so a little on the cool side but much perferable to the hot weather! It's also been really raining so my trusty BOGS have been serving me well :) I keep expecting it to snow soon but "the locals" tell us that you know it will snow soon when there is snow on the mountains, and the mountains are still completely bare so my snow boots will stay in my suitcase for at least a couple more days :)

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for the emails and love!


Sister Hedelius

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