Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Turnagain! (again)

Hey family!
The baptism went great!!! :) I just love "N"! I just about cried, I'm so excited to see her as my sister make this step and to know that she's one step closer to the temple and her eternal family!
And as my subject line states, Sister Platero and I are staying in Turnagain again!! I'm pretty thrilled and I'm humbled to be able to continue serving in such a great ward and teach amazing people.
We started teaching a new girl on Sunday! Her name is "J', she's 14 and a Native Alaskan. She's so prepared for the gospel and it's so fun to teach her! She's adorable and you can just see how much she's craving for truth. She's being fostered by family in the ward and they invited her to take the lessons! She's come to church the past few Sundays and she says she really loves it!
"P" came to church which was awesome since "N" was getting confirmed!! She wasn't able to stay all three hours but we got a text from her on Saturday and it said, "I've been reading this week and I definitely want to talk to you more about this." WHAT?! So she's doing great :) She's got a great desire to know truth and keep commitments.
We also got to see "S" again this week. :) She's so ready to be baptized. She's just about the smartest 10-year-old I know!! Hopefully the necessary softening can take place so she can make this step she wants to make!
We also met a lady named "J". She's investigated the church on and off, and we felt impressed to talk about the Book of Mormon. She mentioned how she's nervous to read it, but as we bore testimony of it's divinity the spirit in that room was incredible, and tears were present. She told us she'll read the Book of Mormon and pray!
Last night we took the brand new sisters on a "First Harvest", basically their first missionary experience! We were able to teach "I" and do some tracting! It's so much fun to see the brand new sisters and the fire they bring. It seems like it was just last week that I was going tracting for my first time! I believe this transfer we'll be up to 19 sisters total! We'll be blessed to be able all attend the temple together this afternoon!
Well I love you all so so much! Thanks for the emails, prayers, and love :) You're the best!!
Sister Hedelius
Picture: We live right next to a place that has private plane rides so there are a ton of these little planes on the water! We hear them flying around all day as we work!!

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