Monday, September 16, 2013


WE SAW THE MOON YESTERDAY! I was so happy I cried! I didn't realize how much I've missed it!

Hi everyone!
Sheesh can't believe it's Monday again, seems like I just blink and the week is over! We had a great week! Yesterday was the primary program which was quite excellent! "S" (our investigator) was part of it :) she did a great job, as did all the other children, and it's fun to look up and see her smiling and beaming while sharing her testimony with the congregation!
Speaking of "S", she'll be getting baptized next month! I don't know if I told you the situation with her, but her mother is a member, her dad is not. Her dad was pressured into being baptized, and then because he realized he wasn't doing it for the right decision, he was not confirmed, so you can imagine why he has been apprehensive about "S" getting baptized.  "S" is golden though and she knows the lessons before we even teach her, she 10. She's on fire and we can't wait for her baptism! When her dad said she could get baptized she started tearing up because she was so excited. You could tell how much she wanted it, made me realize how blessed I was to be baptized when I was 8!
"J" is continuing to do well! :) She has been bring nonmember friends to young women activities!! (RIGHT?!) Thursday actually worked better for her baptism so she'll be getting baptized the 26th! It's been awesome to see how she's just gotten more amazing everytime we see her!
So cool story! There is a lady with some physical disability that we visit regularly and share messages and do service for her. Sister Platero was super inspired to share a missionary message with her and really encourage her to find someone to share the gospel with! So when we were by this week, she told us she wants us to meet her neighbor! We went right over and had a great chat with the neighbor and her daughter and they want to learn more! We'll be stopping by tonight! Their names are April and the daughter is "T"! Pretty exciting!! :)  How cool when the Lord puts people in your path like that!
We move places today which was adventurous! We had a couple problems with the place we were at so we moved over! So grateful for a bunch of the missionaries taking their P-Day to help us out!
Thanks always for the emails and prayers! So bless to have all of you in my life :)
Sister Hedelius
Moose we saw the other day!
Sunset yesterday.

These people are prepared!

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