Monday, January 13, 2014

It's been Disneyland week!

Hey all ya'll!
First things first, happy birthday Dad! Six years till sixty! How exciting! I think I'm speaking on behalf of all of us when I say, I'm sure glad you're my dad! Thanks for all you do for us!
So you know how when you go to Disneyland how you come home every night so exhausted because you've been so busy, but so happy because things have been so great? That's how this week has been! I love it! We've been so crazy busy, but I've never been happier, lots and lots of miracles are happening!
Being in a trio has been a blast-we're the dream team! Both Sister Dill and Morrison are just amazing and I've learned so much from them both already! Both are hard workers and things are happening here in Inlet View! So exciting!
Some of the cool experiences for the week:
Lots of less active members were at church this week! Like two benches! I can't say it was the most reverant sacrament meeting.. like they were all talking to each other during the sacrament, I glanced up at bishop and he was just laughing, I think he was just thrilled that they were there :) Of course we were sitting by them all so we were trying not to laugh as they all got to know each other, but it's great they were there!
The As was a family we've stopped by before and one of the families that were there. Sister As daughter came out while we were talking about the gospel and coming back to church and she mentioned she's been wanting to finally make it to the temple! They hadn't been to church for a long time so we were so excited to see them walk through the doors on Sunday.She met with bishop to talk about the steps to get there on Sunday! They're great! A fun polynesian family that just loves missionaries. The little girl (she's like four) smiled so much when they saw us and ran and gave me a huge hug yesterday! They're going to be a great eternal family!
We were thrilled that the Seahawks weren't playing Sunday so Sister L made it to church! haha! She still wore her blue and green hand bands to still show her support for her team! We did hear the Seahawks won their game Saturday which will result in more games so that was a little disappointing, what's the big deal about football again? haha I suppose I just don't get it.
Sister McG is the sister that moved from Dutch Harbor, she came yesterday and it was the first time since August! She mentioned how big the church is compared where they met in Dutch Harbor, but I think she really liked it and made a lot of friends!
The Ts are a family that have now come two times in a row! Sister T made us all matching braclets with these cool rubber band things :) Brother T just was baptized like in August, it's good to see them coming to church and the difference it makes in their life!
Another cool experience, we really felt like we needed to stop by an older brother, Brother Ta's, this week. We stopped by and his wife had just passed away the day before. He was really in need of a visit and we were able to pray with him and be there to listen. It was a good reminder of how mindful the Lord is of each of His children. Brother Ta also made it to church this week and it's been several months since he's been able to come.
Wow. So, Saturday night! We were stopping by to see a family that could only be visited in the apartment lobby, so we went in and everyone in the lobby wanted to know who we were, and we were passing out invitations to church and cards left and right! When it got time to share the thought, they muted the tv and all 20 people in the lobby were listening to the message. Many tears were shead among the people there, and I know that they were in need of the reminder that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us. Many of the people in the apartment complex were struggling making ends meet and keep tummys full, but for that instance, we were all God's children, and He wanted each of us to remember He loves us. It was amazing. We'll be going back this Saturday night again. :)
Also Saturday night, we'd just gotten out of a lesson at 8:15, and we'd had a lot of lessons Saturday so we were pretty tired, and we tried knocking on a couple empty doors, it was about 8:45 and we were pretty far from our apartment so we were trying to decide if we had time to knock on one more door, we decided we did, and so we tried stopping by Sister R. She let us right in and then told us about several really spiritually challenging experiences she had gone though the past week, several friends that were really anti and had been challenging her. We were able to share a message and bear pure testimony of the true in the gospel, and I could feel the light fill the room and chase away all the negative! So grateful for the peace the gospel brings!
We really had just an amazing week! I wish I could just stick a jumpdrive into my brain and record everything that happens thoughout the week and then upload it Mondays so I wouldn't miss any of the details! I just love being a missionary! I love my Savior, He's the reason I'm here, the reason I live, and why I love this work. I wish I could share this with all 6-700 thousand people here in Alaska, I'm trying! One at a time I suppose :)  Don't ever foget the Savior's great love for you.
I love you all so much, don't forget to pray and read your scriptures!
Sister Hedelius

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