Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy day, all is well!

Beautiful sunset!
"B"’s getting baptized!!! We had a lesson with her this last week finishing up the plan of salvation and we brought up baptisms for the dead and she just started crying...  her daughter was murdered several years ago and she’s never found peace from that experience, but knowing that she can be baptized for her brought her so much joy and she said, “okay, I need to be baptized as soon as possible!” So we have a date for her to be baptized (Feb 8) and she’s wanting to be baptized for her daughter Feb 22, because her daughter’s birthday is the 23! I gave her one of my dresses (she didn’t have one to wear) and she came to church yesterday and just loved it. J Made me so happy to see her and she seemed so happy to be there!
We also picked up a new family! They live actually on the same apartment floor as S, the Ts, and J and L’s family! We pretty much are best friends with everyone on that floor. J If it wasn’t a locked complex we’d totally tract it! When we were teaching the restoration I asked the mom (T) what it would
mean to her if there was a living prophet on the earth and she said, “it would mean that God hasn’t given up on us” Golden answer! I’m pumped and can’t wait to teach them more-more info to come!
Unusually high temperatures this week!
Sister L was able to make it to church this week, I do hear that the super bowl is next Sunday though, so I have a feeling we won’t be seeing her next week. She and Sister McG (the one from Dutch Harbor) are like best friends now. J They are seriously the perfect best friends!
Things are good-we’ve been super blessed! I love being a missionary!
Take care, and keep up the good work!
Sister Hedelius

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