Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thrown to the BANKS!

They made me a cake for my half birthday with trick candles!

Hi family!

First things first-I'm getting transferred. Straight up! And in case you're wondering there IS in fact two weeks left of the transfer and if you're wondering if there were tears, that would also be a yes... I'll be serving up in the Fairbanks 5th ward and will fly up on Thursday. RIGHT?! Wow... Reason being, Sister Claspell is flying down this week and rather than fly her back up for two weeks before she goes home they'll just have me fly up to be with her current companion-Sister Lynd. So I'll be there for the next two weeks and stay in Fairbanks next transfer. I should see lots of coldness, northern lights, and maybe even Santa's house. :) 

Update on the Inlet View Ward: things are hot and hopping! Sadly however, B's baptism will have to be pushed back a week! :( She wasn't able to make it to church but she's still getting baptized! I called her yesterday and she told me she "missed my face" haha we'll be stopping by in the next couple days so I can say good-bye!

SISTER L CAME TO SACRAMENT MEETING! Yep! I'm convinced the Seahawks won yesterday because she came! Haha She was 
sporting her Largent jersey complete with a beanie to sacrament meeting, but she was there.. I was so happy. :) There were a lot of people missing from church because of the super bowl yesterday, but if Sister L could come to Sacrament Meeting Super Bowl Sunday-anyone can!

I love you all so much! Pray for snow for Alaska-they might have to cancel the Iditarod if it continues to be this warm!

Love ya!
Sister Hedelius

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