Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunny Monday!

Happy February 24 everyone!
It’s been a happy week! As I look outside the sun is shining bright on beautiful blue snow covered mountains! There’s always a new excitement at the beginning of a transfer and this transfer has proved to be no different! It was fun to see all my old friends here in Inlet View, bishop said the reason I’m back is because he “prayed” me back… whatever the reason I’m happy to be back and working!
To answer some of your questions (I’m going to try and get better at this):
Sister Bullen is from Nampa, Idaho (I hope I spelled that right)… she came out the transfer before me and just came from serving in the Turnagain ward last transfer! Did I mention we get to teach "P"!?! I’m so excited! Elders are now in the Turnagian ward and she requested Sisters teach her so I get to teach her again and she’s one of my favorite people ever. We’ll be seeing her Wednesday!
I DID see the northern lights in Fairbanks and so that now has a check mark on my bucket list! J We were able to get permission to stay out late to watch them, but as soon as we got up the hill they weren’t out anymore.. L so I didn’t even get good pictures! BUT I can say I’ve seen them. J
I will not be involved with the Iditarod this year unfortunately... L there is only a certainly number of volunteers that they really need, and since Sister Bullen and I both got to volunteer they’re giving other missionaries an opportunity which makes sense. J They do have some fun happenings this week here in Anchorage downtown which is our area!!! They have a lot of natives in from all the villages selling their art and clothing etc. Lots of people to talk to!
Dad asked about Michael Kent and yes the elders did mention they visited him! Elders are in Homer and the Homer ward is what covers Anchor Point where he lives. I talked to President Beesley and he gave me permission to see him if he’s ever in Anchorage. The elders gave him the number to contact me, hopefully he will, I’d really like to see him! If not, I’ll be going down to Soldotna for exchanges this transfer and I believe that’s not too far from Anchor Point… but honestly I have no idea.. haha either way hopefully we’ll be able to meet up, I think that would be really cool.
The missionary work is good… we’re teaching a lot but many of the people are in really difficult situations (financially, mentally, physically etc) that are keeping them from progressing. I think we’re coming to the conclusion that we need to focus a lot on finding this week. I keep feeling there might be someone out there that I was brought back to my area for specifically and that I have unfinished work to do. We’ll be working hard to find and continue teaching those that sincerely want to learn!
I love you all so much, I know if you really pray and seek for missionary opportunities that the Lord will put prepared people in your paths that only you can bless. Keep being good and doing good! Thanks always for the prayers; I know they make a difference!
Sister Hedelius

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