Monday, March 3, 2014

"March"ing forward!

Hey all, 
Hi from Alaska! SO! The Iditarod!  I did end up helping after all! They needed more volunteers and so we jumped on it! It fun but cold! It was neat because the volunteers got to go back behind the fence where the mushers and dogs were! We were right close to the action! It was fun and for those of you who were wondering, I DID get another hat this year. J
Fun news, Sister Bullen and I get to travel down to Soldotna next Monday for exchanges! We’ll be leaving Monday afternoon and getting back Wednesday afternoon! We’ve decided one of us will drive down and the other will drive back so we can both take pictures! J Should be fun!
So I failed to mention a couple fun stories from last week so I thought I’d include them this week!
First story: Bishop mentioned a part member family that would be open to us coming over! So, we stopped by right after seeing him and sure enough they let us right in! The wife isn’t a member and she’s super open to talking to us, we just shared a Christ-centered thought and she said she loved it and agreed with it. We stopped by again this week and she talked about how she felt we really connected and she has been telling everyone about us!! Haha she is so cute! She’s got some incredible faith and I can’t wait to teach her more! Her name is "S"!
Second story: Sister R is a less active that has been struggling with some anti-literature she’s read. When we met with her Sister Bullen asked if she had any anti material and she pulled out a book that she had read… Sister Bullen invited her to burn it, but she wasn't allowed to have fires in her apartment so she gave it to us to burn, and burn it did! The next time we met with her there was a completely different spirit about her and she mentioned that she also got rid of all the stuff on her computer too! There is just such a different light when we focus our efforts on the scriptures and the truth in them!
I love you all so much, a quote I really like that I read this morning from Elder Edward Dube’s conference message, it says, “In the sight of the Lord, it is not so much what we have done or where we have been but much more where we are willing to go.” I know as we focus on continuing forward in the path the Lord would have us go, we will be His tools in touching the hearts of His children.
Take care and keep on keeping on!

Sister Hedelius1

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