Monday, March 10, 2014

The stone is rolling forward!

How's missionary work going you ask?? AMAZING! The work hasn't just picked up this past week, it's rolling quick and Sister Bullen and I are sprinting behind trying to catch up!!!

We started teaching three new people this week which is always good news! We were on exchanges Wednesday and Sister Landon (the sister I was with) and I were working in my area for the day. We both felt impressed to stop by a lady we hadn't met before named M.V. We did and she let us in and we had a great visit. Her husband, D, isn't a member but wasn't there the first visit, but he was the second! We sat down and started to talk and he was asking all the golden question, why did we choose our religion over any other, what do we believe about those who die etc. He has lots of questions, but says he isn't super interested… we'll see what a couple more visits does for his interest level. :)

Another day this week we just were calling members on base to get to know them. We're not allowed to just knock on their doors so we had to have appointments. We made an appointment with a girl named B and her boyfriend was at the lesson with us! He said he “use” to be a Mormon but his habits had taken him away. Apparently he went to seminary all four years, and was thinking about going on a mission but never go baptized!! We’ll continue teaching both of them this week!

Do ya’ll remember "P"? I think I mentioned this before but she requested sisters teach her so Sister Bullen and I get to continue to teach her! We had a lesson with her this week in the temple which was incredible! She is just the best and I love her so much. She’s giving up coffee and a couple other things, and so Sister Bullen and I are giving up sugary foods with her… cookies, candies, ice cream etc. It’s been hard but when either of us feel weak we just say, “We’re doing it for Pam!” and it helps! J Prayer has also helped us a lot and I feel a positive difference in my energy already! Funny story actually, I lent my sewing kit to the elders in our ward a couple weeks ago and they had returned it but I hadn’t opened it or anything… but this week I opened it to sew a rip in my skirt, and they had left a bunch of candy in it thanking me! Haha the gesture was very kind… but the timing wasn’t… haha J BUT I didn’t cave... J I just gave it to the little girl that lives upstairs!

We also saw B yesterday and she’s progressing well! We watch the restoration with her and she said, “now I really know… before I wasn’t quite sure, but today I believe!” She’s still pretty sick, so keep her in your prayers so she can get better!

A couple of the less active sisters we work with came to church out of the blue yesterday! Happy day! I about cried! Sister M and Sister R if I’ve mentioned them before? Sister R sat by me and offered for me to hold her baby… sad day.. we’re not allowed to as missionaries! He still sat next to me on the seat though and he was so happy all through sacrament meeting! I was so impressed!

The crowing event of the whole week happened last night though when we met with C. and S. R. again! We taught the plan of salvation and one of the sisters in the ward that has been married in the temple for 20+ years came. As we taught and she bore testimony so much light filled the room! S, who has been less active for five years, began remembering parts of the plan of salvation and when we mentioned eternal families C’s eyes got big! We’ll be having a lesson at the church this week and they’re planning on coming to church Sunday! It’s so happy!!!

We might be taking off to Soldotna today depending on the weather! One of the missionaries is sick so President Beesley is tied down or we’d all travel together… pray for good weather!

 Have a good week! One of my new favorite scriptures I found this week is 2 Nephi 5:27 “And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.” We have two purposes in this this life, to prepare to return to live with our Heavenly Father, and to be happy (2 Nephi 2:25) and the gospel helps us achieve both! Don’t forget to live after the manner of happiness and find those little truths in the gospel that bring you so much joy!

I love this gospel and I love sharing it. Keep praying for opportunities to share these truths with others! (D&C 18:15-16)

You are the best!


Sister Hedelius

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