Monday, May 12, 2014


Hi family!

So sorry ya'll have to hear from me two days in a row. That's gotta be tough, but I appreciate you hanging in there.. ;) haha thanks so much for talking yesterday! That was really fun! 

I still can't believe how much snow Manti got yesterday! It's still beautiful outside and it sounds like the weather forcast is favoring sun for the next week too so I think I'm finished with Alaska snow.. kind of bittersweet because it's so beautiful. There truly is beauty in each season!

I know I mentioned this yesterday but we had the most amazing experience!! Sister Dotson and I were just talking this past week about the stories when people just come to church and are ready to hear the gospel and I was thinking how cool it would to have one of those stories... so, I prayed that if it would be God's will, that it would happen... and it did! Yesterday a lady that has a friend in Utah just decided to come to church! Her friend had been telling her for the past year to try it out, and finally yesterday was the day she decided to go!! I gave her a Book of Mormon to use in Sunday School (since most of the reading was from the Book of Mormon) and she asked me a bit apprehensively if I wanted my book back or if she could borrow it. I told her that she could have it and she was so excited! We have an appointment to teach her Thursday! So happy! Her name is Wendy, she's great! 

J also came to church! He seems to be getting more comfortable with it every week! He loves gospel principle class and is never shy about participating! He met some of the elders this past week which I think was really good for him to meet more missionaries!

Another cool experience on Monday! One of the families (the Pankaus) had all the missionaries over for dinner and they invited a couple of nonmembers. I happened to sit right next to one of them, her name is M! She is so awesome!!! We really hit it off and had a good time (we both like Boston so that was a good connection.. haha) We exchanged numbers and info and then we saw her a couple days later at the May Day Fly-in thing we volunteered at!! She gave me a big hug and mentioned she'd been busy this past week but to try calling her this week! So, that was pretty neat, and apparently her husband is really open to LDS people and they have several little kids! 

There are so many other things I wish I could cram into this email but of course every week I sit down and my mind goes blank even if I do take notes on what to email ya'll.. haha Most of all know I'm happy and things are good. :) I love this work, I love Valdez, and I love you all!

Have a happy week!

Love, Sister Hedelius

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