Monday, May 19, 2014

Who knew we had a money tree?!?

In front of the creek. :)
Hi from Anchorage!

Hugging a polar bear at the museum last week.
Yep that's right. We drove in yesterday after church and visiting some people! We have zone conference Wednesday so we'll be in Anchorage for the day and then drive up to Wasilla tomorrow! I'm really excited, I've been able to get a hold of quite a list of people that I should hopefully be able to see today!! Oh, and shopping. We're excited to shop where the food is cheaper. Speaking of which, this brings me to my email title. They had apricots at the store this week and they looked so tasty that Sister Dotson and I couldn't help but buy a few. Apricots always remind me of home, and these looks about perfect. We couldn't see a price but we figured buying three wouldn't kills us.. They were a dollar a piece. I about chocked. And plus, they weren't even comparable to the ones on our tree...In other words, I'm hoping it will be a very favorable year for apricots!

The drive was amazing. It's an experience that you have to have personally to really understand it. I was just looking out the window in complete disbelief half of the trip. It's everything you imagine Alaska to be. It was about a 5 1/2 - 6 hour drive which didn't even phase me and then I realized.. man that's kind of a long trip.. haha but It's just kind of what everyone gets use to.. long drives into town. I remember when I use to think driving to Salt Lake or Cedar City took forever.. not even. haha

The work is continuing to march forward! It's been a tough couple weeks, I think it's just a hard time of year with school getting out and all the craziness that happens at the beginning of summer! BUT- people are rescheduling and not canceling so that's a good sign. :)

The story of "Wi" (not "We") continues! We met with her this week and she's seriously one of the funniest people ever! She described coming to church as "putting on the perfect pair of pants that you just feel amazing in!" and she fit right in! She's had a tough few weeks and I think it's just amazing that the Lord was able to lead her to the church to find peace amiss all the craziness. She is the most golden person I have probably ever met. LIKE crazy golden. I'm excited to see how things continue to play out!!

Also another cool story, we decided to try knocking on the door of someone the elders tracted into when they were here. The guy's name is M and he seemed so happy to see us. We were able to share a message about the peace of the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. Later we found out that he's good friends with a few members and had been asking questions! Kind of cool how all the pieces fit together for those who are prepared to hear the message!

I had so much fun reading everyone's emails today! I'm  so sorry I probably won't have time to respond to all of them but I was just smiling so much! It's fun to hear about all the many accomplishments and fun happenings in everyone's life!! I won't even try to list them all because I know I'll miss a lot but I was just blown away.. I'm so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

I love you lots. Thanks for the example you are to me!

Have a happy week!!

Love, Sister Hedelius
Picture from training meeting - Sister Beesley.

Pic from drive to Anchorage.

It exists.

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