Monday, March 18, 2013

Rabbits in Rabbit Creek?

Happy Monday!
Hope everyone is doing great down where it's warm! It was exciting to hear about the 4.0s from the little people and the other exciting happenings down in Sanpete. It's still a little chilly here in Alaska, but the sun is shining and it's beautiful! Sister Hatfield and I were noticing how bright it was last night at 7:00 when we got finished with our dinner! Thanks for the letters and the emails! I got a letter from Grandpa Dalley and Dad last week on the same day and when another missionary asked who the letters were from, I was happy to say they were from my two favorite men. haha ;) Thanks so much for the love and support from all ya'll! 
It's been an incredible week! (I feel like I say that every week... haha) the work has really been picking up speed here in Rabbit Creek and it's exciting to be a small part of it. The training sisters go to Zone Leader Council (ZLC) which was this week, so me and the other two sister that are being trained were on our own in this past Thursday. We were told to work in my area and we were planning on contacting some referrals. Since it was my area I was in charge of driving and figuring out what we were going to do, and I kept feeling like we need to try and contact one of the names that our ward gave us, but the address didn't exist. The spirit kept telling me to try a house with a similar address so we went for it and we were able to teach the guy there the restoration and give him a Book of Mormon! He has three kids including a 21-year-old daughter and we have another appointment with him this week! That was exciting to tell Sister Hatfield when I saw her later that day! 
Also, apparently our ward is so awesome that we need to just show up to church and potential investigators will be there, because again, a family in our ward invited a man to church and we're meeting with him later this week. He came to Sunday School with us and had such a great perspective on the atonement in our lives and the enabling power that it gives us to improve each second of each day. He's great and we're planning on meeting with him later this week too! 
Here's a really exciting story!!! I think I mentioned we were teaching a 60-year-old black Pentecostal woman who is just awesome!! She got hired to serve food at one of her church's events and was overwhelmed with things to do. We offered our service and she needed about six missionaries to help her plate and serve food! So we spent our Saturday serving food at a Pentecostal event! Haha they were very nice to us and thanked us lots for our service. Overall it was really positive and fun, but I can't say I ever imagined I'd be serving tea on my mission! Ah! haha
As for my title, we were having dinner at a members house this past week and they had rabbits! Sister Hatfield and I got a picture and I'll try and email it shortly! (if not this week, next week!) We laughed about that for a while. (Since we're the Rabbit Creek sisters and all.. ;) ) 
I love you so much! 
Sister Hedelius

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