Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow for Spring Break anyone?

Happy Daylight Savings everyone!
Thanks for the emails, thoughts, and prayers this week. I hope everyone is adjusting okay to the new time change. ;) Despite the difference in time, it was still light this morning around 8:30! Before you know it the sun will be up before me! :)
So I gave two talks yesterday! One over the phone (betcha can't say you've done that before!) and then the other in the Rabbit Creek Ward!  When we were in church it probably snowed about a foot and it was stunning! The temple is literally in the same parking lot as the church we attend and so the first thing we saw when we stepped out the door was the temple with snow fluttering everywhere. Yes, I live in a snow globe. Don't covet though!!! ;) :) Half of our ward is in Hawaii for Spring Break so they should enjoy coming back to this wonderful surprise! haha
Speaking of the temple, Sister Hatfield and I got to go Friday night (first time going in Alaska)! There was a girl from Sister Hatfield's previous YSA branch in Fairbanks that just got her mission call to Tokyo! I've heard from a number of sources that the Tokyo mission was split though, so I'm not sure if she'll be in the same mission as Elder Larson or not, but anyways we got to go through with her for her first time! We are also going as a Zone Wednesday morning at the5:30 am session (wish me luck!) which will be great as well. :)
We have had some great lessons this week! The investigator that we just started teaching (guy in his late 20s) came to church again for the third time in a row! He was totally answering questions on the atonement yesterday in Sunday School! He's really on fire and it's easy to see his excitement! Unfortunately, none of the people we're teaching are in our area so eventually we'll have to pass him off to other missionaries, but it's still exciting to witness the change and the increasing glow in all of those people we're teaching. The power of the atonement is so real, and at this time of year and always, it's so important to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It might seem a lot for anyone to sacrifice 18 months or 2 years, but Jesus Christ truly sacrificed His whole life for us. I am so grateful for the opportunity and privilege I have to be a small part in helping people come unto Christ (myself included) to find that everlasting happiness that only comes from allowing the atonement to lift the burdens of the world from our shoulders.
Best wishes to everyone and all the excitement that the month of March brings, don't forget to wear green next Sunday! Wouldn't want anyone to get pinched! ;)
Love you all!
Sister Hedelius

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