Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I ate Rudolph!!!

Hey all!
That's right. I had reindeer pizza this week. :) When I saw it on the menu when a member had us out for dinner Friday night couldn't resist ordering it. haha! The pizza was good! Hopefully next Christmas won't be too foggy or ya'll might be out of luck with Santa getting out of North Pole, AK. ;)
Animal spottings for this week included three moose and two bald eagles on Friday afternoon! Moose dart in front of cars just like deer do in Utah, the only difference is moose are several times bigger than the deer in Utah so it's a good thing my companion has been trained to watch for moose darting in front of our car or that could have been really "exciting" haha. (Don't worry, it was on a back road and we were going slow.. we are fine ;) )
As great as the interesting food and cool animals I'm seeing, the best part about being in Alaska is truly seeing hearts softened and the desire people have to come unto Christ. We had a ward activity this past week and there were probably as many nonmember youth there as member youth because all the youth brought nonmember friends to the activity!!! Amazing! There was also a fireside last night that was incredible and there were a lot of nonmember friends there as well. It's great to see how the members here have stepped up the plate and opened their mouth to their friends and shared the gospel.
Glad to hear you've had sunny weather down in Utah. For those of you who asked, it's been snowing pretty much nonstop all weekend. haha! Either someone forgot to tell the weatherman that last week was the first day of Spring, or mother nature decided "April Fools" day should come early. ;) But it's beautiful, I know I always say that about the snow, but I really will be sad when it finally does melt, the snow's grown on me. I was helping Sister Hatfield back out this morning in the car and the snow came up almost to my knees (and it had just been shoveled last night) so that gives you an idea of how much it's just dumped last night!
Hope you each have a wonderful week! Don't forget to remember the significance of this week and the sacrifice Jesus Christ really did make for each of us.
Love you all and what you do!
Sister Hedelius

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