Monday, April 1, 2013

Knee deep in the snow somewhere..

Happy April Fools Day :)
It was so great to hear about the fun California times this past week! Good luck to the "little people" with the math competition that's this week. Kick some integral! From those pictures I just sent, you can see I was knee deep in the snow yesterday afternoon to knock icicles down! Talk about exciting times here in Alaska! :) haha it's a good thing my boots are as high as they are. :)
So exciting news in the missionary work here in Anchorage, two of the people we're teaching have a baptismal date! That's extra exciting because the last time the missionaries serving in this area had anyone on date was August, and now we have two! We're pumped. :) The work is hastening! The first guy is the one we teach over the phone, Billy, and he's so solid. He's actually moving down to Gilbert, AZ this summer which is where Sister Hatfield grew up, but he's getting baptised before he moves to Arizona. So we are so excited for him. He is the one that basically teaches us the lessons because he's been calling into the Bush Branch the past year so he knows a lot and is super smart!
The other one on date is Bernard! Bernard is good friends with a family in our ward but he's 28 so we're passing him over to the YSA Elders, but he's getting baptised! He's the one that just came to church one weekend back in early March and he is just on fire. Seriously, so sharp and just awesome. :)
We've got plans to watch every session of general conference with an investigator this week so we are SOOO excited! :) One of our investigators we're watching with we just started teaching a couple weeks ago, her name is Allison. We are like the same person. haha, she loves pretty dress, academics, and music, how much more alike can you get? haha She's incredible, and so intelligent. But we're watching it with her at a member's house Saturday morning and having french toast and bacon so it's gonna be great!! Plus, we'll be being inspired by men called of God! :) haha
So here is a funny story :) haha we went and visited a nonmember lady in our ward area and she is darling. She has a pet dog, and her pet dog has a pet fish! That's right. The dog has a pet. haha how cute is that? haha the dog's name is Tuffy and the fish's name is Elvis. :) maybe we should get Poco a pet fish!! :) haha
It's been so exciting to hear about all the girls getting mission calls!!!!! It is such an incredible time to serve! Some people may think of serving a mission as a service, others maybe an obligation, but honestly, I can only see it as a privilege. I feel so blessed to have these 18 months to help others see the happiness and peace that comes from following our Savior. The reason I'm out here is really well stated in D&C 4:3, I had that desire to serve God and knew that was what he wanted me to be doing at this point in my life! I can't imagine anything I could be doing right now that would bring me more happiness, satisfaction, and peace. I absolutely LOVE being a missionary!
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Don't forget to tune into General  Conference this weekend! It's going to be great! :)
Love ya'll!
Sister Hedelius

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