Monday, April 15, 2013

Puppies and parrots and legless lizards-OH MY!

Hey ya'll!

Thanks for the emails and package full of goodies and letters and everything this week! :) Glad hear about the St. George fun as well as Nan's recital! I sure miss those three hour recitals, but I'm sure everyone did great! Good luck to the two little people who are participating in festival this weekend! ;) BIG congratulations to Bryce on the math competition!!! I'm glad I have such awesome siblings that I can brag to everyone about. :)  

So as you could probably guess from my subject, we had an exciting week! Sister Hatfield's birthday was last Wednesday and our district leader invited us to a members house to do service that day-bottle feeding boxer puppies. (cute right?!) So he (our district leader) had told the lady the day before that Sister Hatfield was having a birthday and asked if there was anything she could do. SOO- we just barely introduce ourselves to this lady and she turned to Sister Hatfield and asked if it was her birthday, Sister Hatfield responded in the the postive, and this lady busted out a can of silly string and started singing and covering her all over with silly string! SO comical!!! hahah couldn't stop laughing! it was great! It was at this same member's house that we also held legless lizards and a parrot! She is great! I'll send some pictures eventually. I'm sending some pictures in the mail this week btw so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Dad asked about Allison!!! She's on date!!! We went on exchanged this week so I actually wasn't there when she agreed on a date to be baptized-but I was so excited to hear about it!!! We got a call from Sister Hatfield and Sister Hatfield just said "guess what just happened!!" and I said, "Allison is on date?" (not being completely serious), and Sister Hatfield said, "she sure is!" I was so shocked and thrilled I just started bawling. Happiest moment thus far on my mission-hands down. She also came to church yesterday which was exciting. :) She liked it and is planning on coming next week which is good! Sister Hatfield and I are doing a musical number in sacrament meeting next Sunday so we're hoping that will be motivation for some of our investigators and less active friends to come!
Sister Hatfield with Legless lizard
Well thanks so much for all the love and support! Keep sharing the gospel through your example in your corner of the world! Look up to and love ya'll so much!

Sister Hedelius

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