Monday, April 22, 2013

You know you might live in Alaska if you turn the AC on at 35 degrees..

Happy Earth Day everyone! (Every day is a holiday!)

Thanks for the letters! You know how I just love them! :) This week was a blast! Just so you know, this is the last week of the transfer so, next Monday I can let you know if I'm shipping out or staying here! Can't believe I'm almost done being companions with Sister Hatfield :( I'll really miss her and the amazing missionary she is!

So we got to help with the boxer puppies again this last Tuesday which was a blast! Sister Hatfield and I saw the lady who owns them (Sister Webb) at church on Sunday which was great! She's an incredible woman. She was actually Jewish for like fourty years or something but joined the church a few years ago! Amazing!

We also got to talk to Katrina (the lady we teach over Skype) which was good. She is AMAZING. I am so blown away with the insights she shares with us. I have my scriptures covered with insights she's shared with us! Love her desire to learn!

Audrey is still out touring Ivy League Colleges on the East coast (sounds like someone we know... ;) ) so we didn't get to met with her but we're planning on see her this week!

Allison is incredible as always! She was talking about the Book of Mormon and she said, "it was really frustrating I had so much homework this week, because all I wanted to do was read the Book of Mormon!" RIGHT?! So cool. Sister Hatfield and I flipped out we were so excited. She came to church again and even participated in Sunday School. She's pretty much awesome.

Sister Hatfield's gallbladder has been acting up which is so sad. :( I feel bad she's been in pain! Going in to get an ultrasound this week to see what the deal is. There have been a lot of missionaries with gallbladder problems, one of the sisters who came out just last transfer (six weeks after me) had her's removed last week! I guess it's a blessing I don't have to worry about that at all. :)

So Sister Hatfield and I had a little field trip to Eagle River Saturday which was fun! We were in a temporary trio with Sister Ashbrook, Sister Hatfield's old companion from Peterburg! Sister Ashbrook is SO COOL. I love her so much. :) I just love the the sisters who are out here in Alaska! Feel blessed to have so many good friends already!

Well love you all! Congrats to the Grad :) (Does this mean Mark will not be wearing a teletubby suit this time? ;) ) haha

Love ya!!!
Sister Hedelius

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