Monday, April 29, 2013

If you were stuck on an Alaskan island, which sister missionary would you bring?

Hey all! 

For those of you who may not have heard already, I'm heading to Sitka! I'll fly to Juneau Wednesday and then off to Sitka Thursday! I have to be honest, this is hands down the most bittersweet I've ever felt. I'm so excited to go to Sitka and open the area to sisters but, leaving the Rabbit Creek Ward is so difficult.. I'll really miss the incredible people I've met and the experience I've had. Saying goodbye to people this weekend nearly tore my heart out, but I can find comfort in knowing that God will be with them till we meet again, no matter where that reunion might be.

So, this week has been the craziest week! Last Monday I ended up going hiking with a group of missionaries which was fun! The hike was to flat-top and it was GORGEOUS! It's still covered in snow so that was a little tough because it felt like hiking in mud but I made it and the view was so worth it. We slid down instead of hiking down afterwards which was a blast! :) Probably my favorite P-Day so far!

Bernard took us out to dinner with the elders that are now teaching him this Wednesday. He is doing so great and still on board to get baptized in a few weeks so that will be great to hopefully see the pictures in a few weeks! We also went to ice cream with Emily who is high school senior. Emily has been investigating the church for about a year now and has taken all the lessons and wants to be baptized but her parents want her to wait so she's just continuing to press forward. She's already looked into the institute at the college she's going to and she's really great! :)

We were able to have dinner with the Boulch's Friday which was really good. They're an older couple and Brother Boulch is a less active member but they're both just the nicest people.  The young women from Petersburg (Sister Hatfield's last area) flew in to go to the temple Saturday morning so that was really great to meet them! I am so impressed with the youth here and their desire to be good and press forward no matter what situation they're in. Friday morning I was able to go to the temple with all the other sister missionaries in the bowl (near Anchorage) which was great! That's the third time I've been able to do a session here, and I'm going tomorrow after transfer meeting with the new sister missionary that's coming in! :)

Saturday we had a lesson with Katrina and Allison. That was really hard to say goodbye to both of them. :( I think I've learned five times more from both of them then they've learned from me.

Yesterday was crazy.. I don't think we stopped moving all day! We were saying goodbye to a lot of people and setting up things for the last day in the area.

I will really miss Anchorage and the people that came with it but excited to start this new adventure! Thanks for the love, prayers, and letters. Keep reading your scriptures and praying every day!

Love ya!

Sister Hedelius

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