Monday, April 8, 2013

Wasn't General Conference great?!

Hey all!
First off, wasn't conference great?! I loved it! Couldn't help but think of mom on Saturday morning when the women in the choir were wearing purple. Thought she'd like that color. ;) But those talks were great! I especially liked Elder Holland's talk! He is so funny, loved his emphasis on believing and then knowing. I feel like on my mission I have made tremendous progress towards having a firm knowledge and understand of the gospel like I never have before. My conviction of the truth of Jesus Christ and his gospel grows exponentially each day and my desire for others to know the truth is growing so much that it sometimes pains me to think of the people who don't have the gospel in their lives, and that don't have the comforting knowledge of Jesus Christ's atonement for each of us. Grateful to be a missionary here in Alaska and invite others to come unto Christ! 
We had a good week! Spent all day Saturday and Sunday contacting referrals! Yesterday we were contacting and we have an appointment to come back next week! Woot! That was really exciting! :) 
Guess who I talked to on the phone yesterday? Hilary Weeks. NBD. :) haha her brother is in our ward and called her up to prove she's his sister!! Rabbit Creek is obviously the ward to serve in because everyone is related to famous people! haha :)
Also, really exciting news! I got to meet Billy, our investigator we teach over the phone! He was in Anchorage for medical reasons and is actually flying down to Arizona this week to make sure everything is okay so it was unfortunate the reasons why he was in Anchorage, but it was great to meet him and to talk to him in person. Not something I thought I'd ever actually be able to do! 
Bernard is still doing super great. As of this afternoon he will be officially passed off to the YSA elders which is good. They're the perfect fit for him as missionaries and the YSA has been good to him, and he's been good to the YSA :)
Allison watched conference with us Saturday morning and she seemed to really like it! She thought it was "cool that there was an underlining theme but all the talks were different" haha :) she's really enjoying the Book of Mormon and the stories in the Book of Mormon! P.s. Her boyfriend is serving his mission in Colorado! Made me think of my two favorite Coloradians. Which mission is Broomfield in? 
The work is going great! Loving being a missionary. Glad the snow has once again sweeped through Anchorage. :) It's a beautiful day! :) 
Love you all! Thanks for the love and support!

Sister Hedelius

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