Monday, March 4, 2013

Day full of dogs!

Hey ya'll!
Thanks so much for the letters and packageS! I also got several fun letters in the mail this week and those just made my day! I love emails, but there is something special about getting mail. :)
Big news for this week.. we helped with the iditarod on Saturday! It was a blast as you can hopefully see from the pictures I sent. :) The people there were hilarious.. people watching has never been better. Imagine a combination of excited Canadians and Alaskans covered in legit fur attire. Awesome right?  

We've had such a great week! We had two of the ladies we're teaching bear the testimony yesterday AND one of the nonmembers that came to church came again yesterday and to the CES devotional last night (wasn't that great btw??) and we're teaching him tonight!! He asked us about the word of wisdom yesterday and specifically about coffee. After we told him a little bit more he said, "hmm I'll have to start drinking hot chocolate then!" Crazy right?  Dressed in white is what we call people like him. He is so prepared to accept the message of the gospel, and is already making changes, and we haven't even taught him yet!!! He reminds me a lot of another investigator we have in the bush branch. Maybe I've told you about him? This other investigator in the bush branch this week read ahead so we taught him both the word of wisdom and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yeah, I brag to all the other missionaries about how cool our investigators are. haha 
Iditarod March 2

We were able to call new missionaries yesterday which was fun! Got to talk to Sister Hewitt which was great! She is adorable and so is the other Sister that is coming out next transfer. It's going to be weird to not be the most green.. haha I guess like Bryce said, I'll be turning blue from being frozen. haha :) 
HOWEVER, about the cold-I'm becoming a true Alaskan already! It was so warm this morning that I only wore my cardigan and I was fine, but then I checked the temperature in the car and it said it was only 28, haha. Utah winters will have nothing on me when I get home! 
We'll I hope everyone has a stellar week. I remember March always being a crazy month with dance competitions, music festivals, and midterms. Good luck to each of you on those fun things! Keep writing, your emails make my whole week!!! 
Love you all so much!! 
Love, Sister Hedelius 
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