Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's been a "killer whale" week!

 On the ferry!
I just saw two wild killer whales and a humpback (I think) whale!!! Woot woot! :) I almost jumped in to ride them around like they do at SeaWorld, but I remembered that missionaries shouldn't swim, so I refrained.. ;) Wouldn't that have been a great picture though?! Oh well.. :)
How we take district pictures in Alaska :)
So hello from Juneau! I'll be here till Friday or Saturday and then I'll be back to Sitka for at least a week (it's transfers calls time again). It's a little overwhelming every time coming off the island, but it was great to see the Juneau sisters again! I'll be staying here with them while Sister Frazier goes to Missionary Leadership Council! It's been fun because there are several people from Sitka that want us to visit people here in Juneau so we'll be able to meet friends and families of the Sitkans! 
So this week was good! P and J are both doing really well! It's hard leaving them this week to be here in Juneau but we were able to talk to them both yesterday and we'll be able to text them and check up on them so I'm grateful for that! Glad to have a cell phone! Don't know what missionaries did before them.. :) 
Well I love ya'll!! Thanks so much for what you all do for me!
Sister Hedelius
Picture I took on the Fourth of July! We had a picnic
and it was so pretty we just had to take a picture! :)

 Sariah and I at young women this week
The thermometer on our car is broken.. haha but
 I thought this was funny that it said it was this hot.. ;)

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