Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'll be back again someday....

Liquid gold!

(Yes, I have permission to be emailing ya'll ;P)

Hi family,

Yep. I've been voted off the island. Back to the concrete jungle of Anchorage! It's been an incredible three months here in Sitka, I've met people I'll always remember and made memories I'll never forget. There is a completely new feel here in the Sitka Ward and I'm looking forward to hearing about the changes that will continue to be made. The faith of two sister missionaries can work miracles. I'll miss my young women, and I'll miss the small town feel and looking out to the water, and I know I wouldn't change these past three months for anything. 

So I'm back to Anchorage. I'll be in the North Anchorage Stake this round serving in the Turnagain ward with Sister Platero. I'll be whitewashing again and they haven't had sisters in that ward for a few  years so I'm excited to see how sisters can help the good people of the Turnagain Ward. Sister Frazier is staying here and Sister Hewitt taking my place. I'm so excited for them and to know the work here is in good hands.

News for me this week: I'm changing my major to agriculture. Haha (just kidding mom) Although I am a pro goat shearer now. I'll make sure to send pictures so you can judge my shearing job. Shout out all my brothers that have let me practice shearing their hair so I could develop those necessary skills I'm currently using on my mission. ;) It was super fun-dad you now have permission to get goats so I can shear them. :)

We also got permission to go hiking twice this week!!! We went hiking with the young women on Thursday to get them all certified for girls camp. It's so green!! Like even the trunks of the trees are just covered in green! I love it :) We also went on a hike with the Relief Society yesterday and two nonmembers and two less actives came! Such a success! Glad I can now say I've been hiking in Sitka. :)

In main flight at the raptors center
Well I love ya'll lots! Stay safe and enjoy my birthday for me. ;) Ya'll can still celebrate and send me pictures. :)

Cool eagles!
Sister Hedelius

P.s. Next week I won't be a 19-year-old sister missionary anymore. :( It's bittersweet.

P.p.s. I'll still be getting on emails tomorrow probably late afternoon time.

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