Sunday, December 8, 2013

December WAHt?!

Hey everyone 
To cover everyones concern right off the bat, I did NOT starve for Thanksgiving, it was a glorious feast indeed! A family that lives on the military base here in Anchorage had us over, apparently the sisters asked several months in advance for this family to have them for Thanksgiving because of their exceptional cooking, and so we reaped the benefits.. haha :) we were not disappointed either. Possibly the most excited part of the dinner, however, was when I lit the plastic fork on fire. To clarify: just before the meal started we each had a small candle and we passed the flame around the table saying what we were grateful for, but as the meal was concluding, my fork was just in reach of the flames.. no one was killed or injured.. just my pride.. haha And it was just enough to melt the fork a little bit. :)
Whitewashing has proved to be an exciting adventure once again! We have a rather large ward (geographically) as well so we've been slowly getting the hang of where people live so we don't spend as much time (or miles) driving all over. Sister Dill is a champ with the map so that's been great. We have a GPS but I think too much time in the car has been to it's disadvanage, but hopefully we'll figure it out. :)
I'm feeling lazy so here was our week in a nutshell:
Monday we went shopping a little bit, wrote some letters and made planners. :) My planner matches Sister Dill's.. it's gold spakles.. with our name in silver sparkles.. yeah.. it's a bit over the top but ya know.. it matches my coat so...
Tuesday was transfer meeting, so much fun! It was great to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a while! We had some time in between transfers and sisters training to start working in our area but our phone had been hauled to the temple with the previous sisters and we didn't know what our combination for the door was.. it was a whirlwind of events but we ended up finally getting our ducks in a row later that day so we could start making appointments and blowing up the phone and seeing people. :) I think I mentioned this before, but we live with the Alborn family. The Alborns actually live within the Turnagain boundaries so it's been fun seeing them.
Wednesday we started seeing some people and like got permission to go shopping etc.. we share the ward with elders and they called usWednesday morning to let us know that there was a lady that wanted to be baptized! RIGHT?! She has a future daughter-in-law that is a member and living with her but she's talked to missionaries before so they were passing her over to us. We stopped by and she is just the sweetest lady, her name is B and she's been through a lot but has the most sincere heart. Sister Dill invited her to be baptized and she said yes, so she's praying about a date! She was sick Sunday or she would have come to church :( but when we called her she mentioned she's been praying and reading the Book of Mormon and that she likes it and is feeling good about everything we've taught her so far! So that's cool!
We also met with Bishop Petersen Wednesday and he is just awesome. He is super missionary focused and had the area divided with lists of people in each area that he was able to give us which has been very helpful in learning where people live! We'll be going over to his home for FHE tonight to teach the new active member lessons that our mission is implementing that I've never taught since I had back surgery instead... haha so wish me luck.. :/ I might have to struggle through it a bit. ;) His wife actually served here in Alaska so that was neat! I've heard of so many people who just can't stay away from AK after their missions, I can't blame them because it is just stunning here!
We had dinner with a lady named K and oh my heck I just love her... We had MOOSE burgers. Yes you read that correctly. She has been coming back to church and making some great progress. If we have time (crossing my fingers) we might stop by and make cards with her! She has such a talent with designing the most beautiful cards and she offered to teach us, so eventually we'll make it over there!
Thursday was just crazy.. first of all because it was Thanksgiving, and second because we had no idea who lives where, so unfortunately we weren't able to see as many people as we would have liked.. :/ but we did stop by an older lady's home (L, she's less active) in the morning and her son who also lives in the ward and is less active happened to be there! The elders hadn't had the opportunity to meet him so it was perfect! As we shared our Thanksgiving message it was so apparent on his face that it was exactly what he needed to hear. The spirit just filled the room and tears were present. It was amazing.
I mentioned dinner as well so I won't go into to much detail! :) it was fun though and great to meet more people in the ward!
We also had a dessert social with the wardThursday night which was a great way to meet more people! :)
We were asked by President Beesley to count how many people we met and we met at least 28 people that we could remember names at the end of the day! Kind of crazy, I would have never realized!
Friday had a couple exciting happenings, we had dinner with a man who was recently baptized, Thanksgiving turkey and the works :) And they after we were introduced to a part member family that has been kind of investigating the church that the elders are passing over to us! I tried muck-tuck (spelling???) and it wasn't that bad! Everyone that has tried it before always tells me it's gross but I didn't mind it! We were able to set up an appointment to meet with the tonight, so the plan is to have dinner tonight and kind of see where they're at! :)
Saturday we were able to meet more people on the ward council as well as an appointment with an investigator in the ward that I actually started teaching a few months ago! Laura from the Turnagain ward referred us to this lady (K) and I recognized her information in the area book so were able to contact her again! She is hilarious, loves to knit and has a great testimony of the Savior, oh and a little dog named Nana! :) She's been reading her Book of Mormon and wants to come to church but was sick as well.. :( I guess it's that time of year when everyone gets sick.. :( But we'll be seeing her again this week, which should be great. :)
Sunday was CRAZY. Of course, no surprise there :) haha meetings, church, studies, oh my! We were able to continue meeting a lot of people! We have a great ward council that I'm really looking forward to working with!
So things are going swell! The Alborns made breakfast for us this morning! Eggs, toast, bacon.. the works. So good! So that was pretty great! Probably the most exciting for the day.. which is lame but it was still a great surprise...
BTW Apparently my allotment card that I had to return before going home has been lost.. so the office had to order a new one which means I haven't had one. So, mom if you notice I've been spending money, that's the story behind it.. I'm hoping the card has come in by now, but it might still be a few days.. :/
Oh and my back is doing fine. No worries there. :)
Well I love you all and you're in my prayers! Thanks for the love and support!
Sister Hedelius

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