Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey all y'all!
Happy nine days till Christmas! On that note, if you all don't mind telling me the time frame (Utah time) that works for everyone as well as if skype or google chat is preferred that would be great and I'll make the arrangements after I get all your emails Monday! Thanks!
Wow so it's been a great week! We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders as well as Zone Meeting so several exciting happenings! I went on an exchange with Sister Platero and she came to Inlet View which was perfect because she served here previously! We were able to contact four different people that Sister Dill and I haven't been able to get in with including two investigators (R and M)! R and M had been found by Sister Burbank and Platero earlier this year and hadn't been in contact with missionaries for several months, but we stopped by their place and they let us right in. Sister Dill and I stopped by again a few days later and we had an amazing lesson. Sister Dill invited them to be baptized-M said yes, and R said maybe.. :) so that was exciting! They didn't make it to church yesterday ( :( :( :( ) but we'll be seeing them tonight and hopefully that will go well!
Another family we just started meeting with a lot this week is the L. It's been a long time since they've been to church and Sister Platero and I were literally driving to their house when we got a call from Brother L! He was in tears and asking for help and spiritual strength! We weren't able to go in because his wife wasn't home but we prayed with him on the doorstep and left a scripture and set up a time to come back that evening. That evening was incredible. The spirit in the room was so strong and it was easy to tell they were very moved. We read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon together and they committed to coming to church (and they CAME!) as well as reading the Book of Mormon together every day! Sister Dill and I went back the next day and it was like night and day. Brother L had cleaned the house and the spirit was there in their little home. We went back again the next day and the spirit was there even more so. It was like the light of Christ got a little brighter every single day as they read! I feel that in my own life too, the more I put into my personal and companionship studies the more effectively I feel like the spirit can work through me!
We were able to stop by B's again this week. She's been really sick and we can never contact her over the phone so we just dropped by. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. She was sick so she wasn't up to having to much of a lesson but she asked as to pray with her, and as we concluded the prayer she told us she just felt a burden lifted from her shoulders! I could see a brighter light in her eyes than was there before and it was such a testimony of the enabling power of the atonement.
L and J are doing well! They were having a bit of a bump with several things in their life but things are starting to smooth out which was great! At the conclusion of our lesson we invited the family to having a kneeling prayer and to have one every night! I just have such a testimony of kneeling prayers and the power that comes from them especially with families. We'll be seeing them again tomorrow night and hoping things go well! We're just struggling getting them to church so that's the next step!
Well Merry Christmas and keep going strong! The invitation we've been extending to people lately is to find someone you can help this Christmas season! Christ has truly done everything for us and I know that as we follow His example in serving our brother's and sister it is truly the greatest gift we can give Him!
I love you all very very much!
Sister Hedelius

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