Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Watch out for the warm weather!!!

Hey family!

We got "iced in" this week! Anchorage basically shut down completely all Thursday because of WARM weather! The weather got just warm enough to melt the snow and then when it froze again it was like an ice skating rink. Even with studded tires there were lots of cars in the ditches. So school was canceled and the missionaries were instructed NO DRIVING! So what did we do?? Well, those ice cleats came in handy, and we walked instead! :) It was a lot of fun actually! We figured that we spent three hours walking which I realize isn't THAT long, but for someone that's been lying on the couch for a couple months I sure got a great full body work out in. My back was fine (I did wear my brace just to be safe) and we were able to talk to people on our way! We had some appointments we just couldn't cancel ya know?? But yes, it's been very warm here, averaging between high 20s and mid 30s according to our car thermometer!

So what else from the Inlet View ward this week? We had our ward Christmas party which was so cool! It was a "Night in Bethlehem" and the activity committee really did a great job! We are teaching a part member family (the L's) that came! The wife isn't a member, and when we met with her twice now, and the second time she told us for the first time she actually wants to read the Book of Mormon! We talked to her about it in a bit of a different light and that perspective seemed to be all it took! So I'll have to update you. :) I know she's going out of town in the near future to visit family for a few weeks.. so hopefully we'll be able to get her to start reading more before she takes off!

We were also able to get into the B family this week! The mom is a less active member, and her fiance that she lives with has talked to missionaries and taken lessons before but the missionaries have had a hard time getting in contact with them the past few months, but we were able to check up on them and they want us to come back, especially the less active mom. Her two sons aren't members yet either and they would be such a great eternal family! So we will certainly be working with them!
Oh! This week we also got in contact with some members in a different ward that has friends (E & A) that live within our boundaries! Eis a member and A isn't but they've been looking for a church and so they introduced us to them and we gave them a church tour on Saturday! They came to church on Sunday and said they like it so that was kind of a fun surprise for the week! Hopefully we'll start teaching them soon!

B has been reading! Yay! She hasn't come to church yet.. :/ but she says she belives the Book of Mormon is true and wants to be baptized if it will help her to be closer to the Savior! We're going to invite with a specific date in mind this week and notes will follow next week!

I love being a missionary and the joys of sharing the good news of the restored gospel especailly this time of year! There is no better gift to give others or Jesus Christ than sharing the knowledge that we have a Savior who loves us and has sacrificed everything for us!

Stay warm, have a great day, and I love you all very very much!


Sister Hedelius!

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