Monday, July 28, 2014

21 and sober

Just thought you'd all like to know that I conquered the 21st birthday without the aid of alcohol, something I believe most of my other young adult peers throughout America can't claim! It was a really happy day! Quite a few people had heard it was my birthday so I was wished several happy birthdays! They even surprised me by singing to me randomly in the middle of dinner!! So fun! I bought ingredients for a lemon lime birthday cake to take to last district meeting, it turned out cute! I'll try to remember to send pictures! The district sang to me on Tuesday and several of them told me I was allowed to have a birthday whenever I wanted... haha!!

Thank you so much for the many many many kind emails and letters the past few weeks from so many friends and family members! I was nearly or in tears in every email today! Ya'll are the best, I'm so grateful for such an amazing support team cheering for me back home! It makes it easier to take this next step knowing I have loving arms to welcome me home.

This week has been bittersweet. My heart it torn in two, half of it in Alaska, and the other half in Manti. I love Alaska so much, I hope so badly that my life's journeys will eventually bring me back here. The people in Alaska are just amazing, and they have stolen my heart. As I've reflected on the past 18 months I'm just so grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve Heavenly Father at this time in my life. I realize before President Monson's inspired announcement that this email could have been the first email in the MTC rather than the concluding email of my mission, and although I'm sad that this is all over, I'm happy for the timing that brought me to the people I've met during these months.

I will very much miss the time I've had to devote and concentrate 100% to the Lord, but I do look forward to seeing you all soon! Thank you for the love and support over these 18 months!

Sister Hedelius

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