Monday, July 21, 2014

I Was(illa) Transferred!


So I'm sitting down to a delicious salmon Sunday dinner when who interrupts, but MOM. Hahaha, How crazy was that timing?!? I was in Wasilla, having dinner with members that I've never had dinner with before that are trying to set things up for their son's wedding in Manti! I met them when they were in Valdez a couple months ago and gave them mom's number and then mom calls them when I'm randomly at there house for dinner! That was really fun! Mom must've been inspired.. ;)

So they didn't have a place for us to stay in Valdez, we were essentially homeless, the next closest missionaries were in Wasilla so they had us drive in Friday and we'll be finishing our missions here.
So I'm working in the COLONY and FISHHOOK wards! (only in Alaska would they name a ward "Fishhook" right?) The Elders were covering three wards before so we're just here trying to lighten their load! It will be a bit crazy because we'll only be here for a couple weeks (as I recall I'm going home in the near future..) but we'll do our best to love the people here, work our hardest, and leave it better than we found it (that's my goal in every area!). Wasilla is about an hour north of Anchorage so it was only 4 1/2 hour drive to Wasilla from Valdez.. hahaha (only 4 1/2 hours oh sheesh..) Wasilla is kind of the farm area of Alaska. It's here that they grow really huge vegetables because there is so much sunlight. Lots of horses and fields, it's not Valdez, but it's still beautiful.

So here's another fun story, Sister Grayson and I played a musical number in Sacrament Meeting for the Fishhook ward and who came up to me afterwards but the Cooks from MANTI! Haha that was so fun to see them and have a little bit of my home stake in Alaska with me! Sounds like they'll be getting to UT just a few days before me, so I'll be following them in! I love those fun connections, it's such a small world!

Sending it to the mission office will probably be safer, but this will be faster! We're having Angie Christensen forward our mail home too so if you start seeing mail for me, that's why!

We have much to celebrate this week! Sister Grayson and I expire on the 23, Pioneer day is the 24, and I believe Sunday will be my 21st anniversary of making it around the sun. I will be legal to buy alcohol. What an accomplishment! hahaha

Last but not least, this bit is for dad, I thought he'd be proud to know I caught a 23" Salmon weighting in at 5 pounds, 7 ounces this past week, all those years taking me fishing paid off! I've now joined the ranks of bragging fisherman-hooray!!

Thanks so much for all the love this week, I think this past week was the best mail week of my entire mission! I have the best friends and family ever!!!

Sister Hedelius

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