Monday, July 14, 2014

The Spirit of God like a FIRE is burning

Hi one and all,

FIRST THINGS FIRST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! man ;) still as beautiful and young as ever. ALSO, thank YOU for the many many birthday cards!! They have been a blast to get a few each day. Certainly a tender mercies. :) I smile every time I see those envelopes. ;) BEST PEOPLE EVER.

It's been a week and it's been weak. haha man, where to begin.. So Thursday morning at about 2:30 I was doing what any other reasonable person is doing at that time of day.. I was sleeping. Amiss my pleasant dreams I heard banging and shouting and commotion, we both woke up and Sister Grayson asked what time it was through my sleep brain I mustered up "2:34, but I don't know if it's p.m. or a.m." I think in my brain I was thinking it might be p.m. and we must have like slept through our alarm or something because of the noise, and that's when I heard someone yelling "FIRE!!!" outside! We bolted up and I grabbed my tennis shoes and raincoat, Sister Grayson didn't even get a chance to grab her shoes, and then we stood outside for an hour and watched the fire and cried. The firetruck was super fast and it turns out they were just finishing another call so they were able to come straight over, otherwise it would have been worse. Our landlord (whose is also a member) called the bishop for us and we tried to sleep the rest of the night at his place. The fire wasn't out by the time we were gone and it sounds like it took them a while to get it out.

Then bishop's wife made us french toast which was awesome... A lady in the ward (Sister Banner) called us and told us we could stay and her place for a few weeks, so that's where we've been. After dinner Thursday night, we just mega packed and put as much as we could fit into our three bags of luggage and hauled it over to their place to start on laundry (thank the heavens for a truck). I HAVE DONE SO MUCH LAUNDRY THIS WEEK. I don't even know how much I lost track. So we tried to sleep again (not with much luck.. I didn't really sleep until last night.. haha) and throughout the night I kept hearing the laundry beep so rather than just laying and staring at the ceiling, I got up and changed it, folded it, and then laid down again. Every loud or sudden noise has put me on edge.. and I about go into a panic attack now when I smell smoke.. ugh BUT the laundry was done by Saturday evening (which was my goal!!!) so our little room that we're living in is smelling less and less like smoke. yay! A lot of my make up had to be thrown away but I was able to salvage what I use the most so that was good. One super awesome thing about living with the Banner's is that she has two little bathrooms downstairs because she has a preschool downstairs.. so we both get our own bathroom.. it's kind of amazing. That little ducky bathroom has become my safe haven, and Sister Grayson confirms she feels that way about her ocean bathroom.

Then Friday evening we got a call from Bishop telling us that the priesthood was going to be over to move us Saturday morning... well we hadn't even started packing the rest of our apartment.. so after dinner we went back and started on the packing up the dishes, kitchen, and going through all the random stuff in the apartment. Missionaries have been there for a long time so there was a ton of stuff in the spare room that had to be gone through.. a lot of stuff that had to be thrown away because of smoke damage. but some how through miracles we were able to get it ready during the two hours we had Friday night and the hour we spent Saturday morning before they came, no doubt there was divine help for that strength, especially when you're dealing with me not be able to lift much and Sister Grayson having a bad back too! But the men showed up Saturday (which apparently many of you saw on FBook) and they got us moved out in like 30 minutes, so nothing is left and I don't think we'll ever have to go back to that apartment again.. thank the heavens.

So in other news, while ya'll are dying in the HOT Utah heat, it's a pleasant 59 degrees today! Sunny with a very slight breeze. Just another day in paradise. Sister Grayson and I are keeping with the tradition and going fishing today too. Wish us luck! Hopefully the salmon are in! They're suppose to be in mid-July! Oh and also the primary sharing time went well yesterday. I've decided I just want to be a primary teacher for the rest of my life.. that would be living the dream.

LOVE YOU ALL so much! Thanks so much for the prayers and emails, especially this week, so grateful for each one of you!


Sister Hedelius

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