Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7+7 = 14

Hi family :)

Life is good in the AAM! It was so fun, we got to meet President Robinson and his wife this past weeks and holy smokes they're amazing! I'm actually really sad I can't have them longer. He is just one of those people that just radiates with love for everyone and he was so easy to talk to! I felt like I had know him forever, and he gave me the big hello from you guys, and Sister Robinson gave me the hug! It was a really positive experience!

So here is the neat story of this week, it's in weird font because I copied and pasted it from my letter to President Robinson:

We had a really neat miracle happen this week! On Saturday we got a call in the morning from a less active member that we had been told specifically not to visit because they are anti and DO NOT want visits! I was a little puzzled but answered the phone and the lady told us she'd been reading some things about Joseph Smith and angels and had some questions.. We were apprehensive but agreed to meet with her at the church. The meeting was probably the most spiritual experience of my life! Her heart has been so softened and as she went through her questions, they were all questions that Sister Grayson and I could answer. Some of the questions were on extremely random topics even that I had just been studying very in depth lately! The relief from the burden of those questions were just completely lifted and she came to church Sunday for the first time in many months! She has begun her journey back!

So that was amazing! Also W had us over for dinner this week and that was a blast- very delicious and had a great conversation. T was also at church and they keep just progressing great. She knows she wants to be baptized, and is just waiting for her husband to come around. We just basically had the best gospel principles lesson ever and then I hurried off to sub piano in primary again! (it was my third time.. I love being in primary although sometimes it makes me a little trunky haha)

So life is good! I'll send pictures from our fishing trip this past week! We're going again today! I think fishing every p-day might become a tradition! Fishing for fish on Monday, fishing for people the rest of the week! hahaha

Sister Hedelius

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